DESIRE Initial Training Network
Schools Outreach Event

Lancaster, UK, 7 July 2011


1st DESIRE Conference on Creativity and Innovation in Design Aarhus University, Denmark
August 16-17, 2010

2nd DESIRE Conference on
Creativity and Innovation in Design

Eindhoven, The Netherlands
19-21 October, 2011

Marie Curie Conference 2010
July 1-2, 2010 - Torino, Italy
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Part of the network-wide training events is also an outreach day planned and delivered by the DESIRE researchers themselves.
 A challenging exercise in event management and public engagement, the outreach day was an opportunity for our researchers to apply their knowledge and skills to engage with non-scientific audience and inspire high school students (16-17 years old) to consider science, design and technology higher education and careers.

The one-day outreach event was hosted on the 7th July 2011 at Lancaster University and involved over 70 students from Lancaster Girls’ Grammar School and Lancaster Royal Grammar School.