1. Investigate the role of ...>

 2. Develop and evaluate ...>

 3. Produce a theoretical ...>

 4. Understand the impact of ...>

 5. Develop an interactive system ...>

 6. Investigate CPS process: ...>

 7. Investigate the emergence of ...>

 8. Examine the use of visual ...>

 9. Implement interactive design ...>

10. Investigate End-User- ...>

11. Explore creative processes ...>

12. Explore methods of knowledge ..

13. Develop design methodology ...>



Host institution: Lancaster University, UK
Lead supervisor: Dr. Corina Sas: AT
Researcher: Stelios Giannoulis


Wearable computing and context awareness have emerged as two key areas for research in human-computer interaction. Particularly promising is the advent of wearable sensing technologies which allow for real time capturing of physiological data. When combined with context aware technologies, such bio sensors allow linking bodily data with daily activities. The aim of the project is to develop a platform that will facilitate real time context awareness in creative environments based on wearable bio sensors. Designers spend a lot of time in their work space and in front of the computer, looking for inspiration and concept ideas. Consequently designers are exposing themselves in a huge range of data. From the huge amount of data, only some might be helpful for the designer in developing concept ideas. The platform to be developed is aiming to automatically clarify which data are exciting (based on real time Electro Dermal Activity measurements) and thus potentially helpful for the user. Moreover the aim of the platform is to facilitate collaborative effort in data acquisition for the user by other users (i.e. his colleagues).