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University of Aveiro, Portugal
Communication and Arts Department - 1 PhD position

The University of Aveiro (UA) is a public institution with a mission to provide and develop graduate and postgraduate education, research and cooperation with society. Founded in 1973, it quickly became one of the most dynamic and innovative Universities in the country.

Determined not to be left behind in development (social, technological and scientific), the University of Aveiro has always positioned itself at the forefront of innovation.
Not just by providing degree programmes in advanced scientific and technological area and developing modern infrastructures and sophisticated equipment, but also investing in the training and recruiting of teachers and researchers with proven track record in the development of research projects and in terms of close relations with the worlds of business and industry.

Today UA is a key partner for many companies, providing services, know-how and highly qualified graduates and participating in numerous research projects in the development of new products. The excellence of its research is the trademark of this institution, with 70% of its research units having been classified as “very good” and “excellent” in recent external evaluations.

Brief outline of Communication and Arts Department
The communication and arts department offers undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate programmes (Masters and PhD) in the following areas: Design; Music; Science and Communication Technologies; Studies in the Visual Arts.

The graduate and postgraduate programmes are offered in combination with the research conducted at the following research institutes: ID+; CetacMedia; and INET-MD. 

Research institutes:

ID+ -
cetacmedia -